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  1. Industrial Automation 22/11/2019

    Industrial Automation 22/11/2019 added 22nd November 2019

  2. Gastronomy

    Gastronomy added 22nd October 2019

  3. Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning added 22nd October 2019

  4. PGCE history

    PGCE history added 22nd September 2019

    PGCE History Resources

  5. Medical Ethics and Law
  6. New books 2018/19 (Tourism, Hospitality & Events)

    New books 2018/19 (Tourism, Hospitality & Events) added 16th January 2019

    New titles added to University of Sunderland Libraries between Sept 2018-Aug 2019. This list includes print books and ebooks for tourism, hospitality & events. This list is maintained by Leanne Young (Liaison Librarian).

  7. Differentiation  gillian

    Differentiation gillian added 20th December 2018

    to support with EDP381 development


    COLOUR added 18th October 2018

    Colour theory, How colour is used in design, and emotional response to colour

  9. Negotiated Individual Study in Education (Ebooks)
  10. Mathematics PGCE

    Mathematics PGCE added 19th September 2017

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