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Visible thinking

By Bryson, John M
eBook. English.
Published Chichester,Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, 2004
Causal mapping is a tool that enables you to make sense of challenging situations so that you can get more out of them. A causal map is a word and arrow...

Visual meetings

By Sibbet, David
eBook. English.
Published Hoboken, N.J., hichester: Wiley-Blackwell, c2010
Just as social networking has reclaimed the Internet for human interactivity and co-creation, the visual meetings movement is reclaiming creativity, productivity...

Facilitator's guide to participatory decision-making

By Kaner, Sam, author
eBook. English.
Published San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2013
3rd edition
'Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making' presents valuable tools and skills for facilitators, consultants and anyone who works with groups...

Place attachment: advances in theory, methods and applications

By Manzo, Lynne C
eBook. English.
Published London: Taylor & Francis, 2013
Place attachments are emotional bonds that form between people and their physical surroundings. These connections are a powerful aspect of human life...

The study skills guide: essential strategies for smart students

By Forsyth, Patrick B
eBook. English.
Published London; Philadelphia: Kogan Page, c2010

City images: perspectives from literature, philosophy, and film

eBook. English.
Published New York; London: Gordon and Breach, 1991
This collection of essays offers glimpses of "the city", both material and mental, as it appears in films, novels, photographs, poems, architecture, essays...

The English constitution

By Bagehot, Walter, 1826-1877
eBook. English.
Published Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001
'An ancient and ever-altering constitution is like an old man who still wears with attached fondness clothes in the fashion of his youth: what you see...

Strategic management

By Lynch, Richard L
eBook. English.
Seventh edition
Strategic Management is one of the world’s leading strategy textbooks, covering all the major topics particularly from a global perspective. It delivers...

Resonate: present visual stories that transform audiences

By Duarte, Nancy
eBook. English.
Published Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley; Chichester: John Wiley [distributor], 2010
This title reveals the underlying story form of all great presentations that will not only create impact, but will move people to action

Operating systems: internals and design principles

By Stallings, William
eBook. English.
Eighth edition
Intended for use in a one- or two-semester undergraduate course in operating systems for computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering...
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